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The Mad Butterfly

Belial - Mad Hatter
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Character Name: Belial/Mad Hatter
Series: Angel Sanctuary
Age: --
Gender: Hermaphrodite; female but gender stopped due to drugs.
Species: Demon

Physical description: very androgenous, she appears so be a very beautiful man with thin hips and a flat-chest, she is also tall, around 5’10-11 and wears jester make-up, red/green paint splashed across her eyes and red lipstick to make a wide smile. she has a butterfly tattoo on her right upper thigh and has red short sometimes wavy hair unless it’s slicked back. Her fashion sense is long coats with top hats and old-fashioned style boots, you could say she lives between 1800 to 1900 as far as her fashion goes.

She can summon almost anything from candy to skeleton crows and manipulate, she also can teleport through walls/walls/ceilings by a black sort of liquid. She likes to tease people and let them see what they want too see and can also curse them in a deadly way, as if take over their body or gain control over it.


Sick, twisted, manipulative, disgusting, disturbing, bizarre and selfish is what could possibly explain Belial best. She takes everything to her advantage because she has so much power, she would mindfuck someone for the sake of it and uses illusion magic to do so. She speaks in riddles, Hebrew and German and has a strange love for beautiful young people. She tends to be very seductive and somewhat clingy in a way, she would use her body and skills of charm and charisma to seduce anyone and have her way with him or her, mentally, sexually or physically. She can also please people by showing them what they miss/want/need such as say... so and so wants to see their long dead sister then Belial will turn into them and depending on what the character’s reaction is she will either hurt or please them, she is a sadist with a loving streak.


Belial is one of the seven satans and known as ‘Pride’ she use to be a angel and work for Raphael, one of the angels of virtual but due to her ways she was banned as a fallen angel and therefore sent to the lower level of hell, Sheol, where she finds brides for Lucifer, yes, Lucifer, the god of hell. Even though Belial finds the wives for him (who are really sacrifices) she claims to be in love with Lucifer herself but knows her love will never ever be return. Like all angels Belial was born sexless but as her gender became to follow through she took pills to stop being known as a gender and tried to be god’s perfect piece which is worthless as she calls it. So really she is female but still has a flat chest and slim hips like a male and is always confused of being one. She doesn’t discriminate but mocks and taunts people about everything, she also is slightly egotistical and needs reassuring, such as how does she look and how does this hat look and how are her fingernails. She would be called a perfectionist but wouldn’t have OCD. Overall she is a demon in love with the devil who will never love her back, she has accepted and also very blasphemous as well as manipulating, charming and very forward and doesn’t like morals.